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the impact of the suspended tax cuts is minimal. >>> doctors treating hillary clinton say they have found a blood clot between her brain and skull. but they say she is making an excellent recovery. staff at a hospital in new york issued a statement on monday, a day after clinton arrived for treatment. last month, doctors diagnosed her with a concussion after a stomach virus caused her to become dehydrated and faint. she had been resting at home since then. medical personnel say an mri revealed a clot in a vein between clinton's right here but they say she did not suffer a stroke or any neurological damage. they say she is in good spirits and engaging with the doctors, family and staff. they will set the right dosage of medication and they are confident she will make a full recovery. >>> an american woman who helped draft japan's post car constitution has died. she lived in japan with her farther for ten years. he moved to the country to teach music. gordon late area tended college in the united states. in 1945, shortly after the end of world war ii, she worked as an interpreter and transl
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1